Oct 2, 2019
Five Stars.

I’m so in love with this office. When I tell you this is the Chick-fil-A of pediatric offices. Cause yes I had some bad experiences at others. I mean it. The service is Immaculate, nearly no wait time in lobby or in the back . Staff and doctors are amazing and my kids love coming. If you a new parent and your kids are not a patient you need to be. Sick visit call , you can get appointment right away if you need. They will show you how a pediatric doctors office should actually treat there patients and parents. I love them and you world too. Also listen I don’t do reviews but I had to for them.

Aug 23, 2019 

Five Stars, Excellent.

I’ve been coming to Sandy Plains Pediatrics since about 2007 with my oldest child. He’s now 19 years old. I now have twin girls who are almost a year and a half, and I wouldn’t trust their care to anyone else. We drive all the way from North Ga to see the physicians here, and while it’s quite the commute (especially when your children are sick), the care and attention that these physicians provide is worth every mile. I’ve worked in pediatrics for years and have never known a better group than Sandy Plains Peds. The staff are wonderful and always professional, courteous and caring. They have watched my children grow (the girls, since birth). Highly recommend this fantastic group.

Nov 22, 2019
Five stars.

This was just our first visit but I’m very happy with everything. Laura was so kind to us all and attentive to my son.

Nov 13, 2019
Five stars.  Dr Ho is the BEST!!! He is very patient with yo... 

Dr Ho is the BEST!!! He is very patient with you trying to get the right kind and combination of medication that you need. He wants your quality of life to be the best that it can be. He is truly concerned and cares about your well being.

Nov 12, 2019
Five stars.  Due to traffic I was running late getting my da... — Olivia M.   (Patient since 2014)

Due to traffic I was running late getting my daughter to her 5:30pm appointment. I called the office and the answering service kindly contacted the office to let them know I was running late. We got the about 12 minutes late and were still greeted with smiles from the front office staff to the nurse and then the doctor. The patience and kindness of everyone has always kept me coming back here. Keep up the great work!

Oct 30, 2019

Wonderful Practice
My daughter is a patient here and we love this practice. We never have to wait more than 5 minutes to be brought back or for the Doctor which is awesome. The front desk and nursing staff is extremely nice. The visits don't feel rushed as the Doctors are very thorough and take their time with us. I definitely recommend!

Concerned and caring                                                                                              5/10/2016
Dr. Gregory is excellent. I saw her with my daughter who was having breathing issues- she spent the time to explain and treat in the office. When she was not improving alerted the ER and then sent balloons when she was admitted overnight. She then followed up to see how she was doing - luvgirl


Great Pediatrics Practice                                                                              4/10/2013

My daughter just celebrated her 1st birthday and Dr. Gregory has been her (and my older son's) pediatrician since day one. Dr. Gregory recognized symptoms in my daughter that needed to be further evaluated at Scottish Rite. Because she referred us there early enough, my daughter's life was saved and she was able to make a full recovery from a serious viral infection. I am so grateful for Dr. Gregory's careful attention and expertise!



Great pediatrician                                                                                             11/8/2012

I have used this office for over 19 years. Great doctors and a wonderful staff. Dr. Ho has been wonderful with my children.

                - Trojan76 


Super Friendly Staff - Best I found in East Cobb                                         10/14/2011

I recently spent time visiting and talking to staff at several pediatric practices in east cobb to decide where to take my children after our current doctor decided to merge her practice & could no longer accept our insurance.

Sandy Plains easily rose to the topat least in this particular corner of johnson ferry, Shallowford & lower roswell roads in marietta. The staff here is busy but friendly and very welcoming. I knew several people who took their children here and everyone has been pleased. Happy to have them onboard....


Great Doctors                                                                                                5/23/2011

I have been using Sandy Plains Pediatrics, specifically, Dr. Ho, for over 5 years. I find their staff very professional, the nurses respond quickly to phone calls, and the doctors know what they are doing.
I am surprised people describe Dr. Ho as "detached and impersonal" as I have found the opposite to be true. Is she clinical? Yes, but she's my pediatrician, not my best friend. I like her quite a lot and as a pharmacist, I find her conservative approach to be just the right antidote for the give me a pill now mentality that exists out there.
We will continue to use them until our kids are grown another 16 years or so....



Best in Town                                                                                                  2/28/2011

Always very professional. When we leave there I have no further questions, all were answered by the doctor or the nurse practicioner. I like that my child does not always received a prescription for the latest and most expensive drugs, instead they take a more holistic approach to treating my child and I appreciate that.